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How to Reach DAF Donors Who Are Funding Millions in Response to COVID-19

$100 million in 4 weeks... That's how much Fidelity Charitable saw donors of their donor-advised fund (DAF) give to help nonprofits cope with COVID-19 impact starting mid-March 2020. Compare that to just $60 million in all of 2017, which had 7 disasters including Hurricane Harvey, the Houston floods, and the California wildfires. DAF donors have irrevocably set money aside for charity and are being very generous to help nonprofits through the pandemic.

Tune into an executive briefing and Q&A with Fidelity Charitable Head of Marketing, Amy Pirozzolo and WealthEngine EVP, Raj Khera. Find out how your nonprofit, healthcare organization and educational institution can get in front of donor-advised fund donors during this critical period.

You will learn:

  • How DAFs work
  • Examples of how other organizations are reaching DAF donors
  • What your organization can do right now to get donations from DAF donors