You Deserve the Best

All wealth intelligence and prospect research is not created equal.  Simply put, if you don't have WE, you are missing opportunities.  Not all wealth is public, not all wealthy households are easy to uncover and not all accessible data is accurate.  Finding 'hidden wealth' and delivering accurate, up-to-date insights requires a different approach.  WE finds wealth that no one else does and delivers insights that no one else can because we don't just source, aggregate and deliver easily accessible data.  WE are a Big Data company.  WE integrate and normalize a vast amount of data from a wide range of sources and apply data science to extract the proprietary insights that deliver results.  WE integrates with every major DMS so you don't have to compromise on wealth intelligence just to get the best DMS.  WE data is available however and wherever you work, whether you are mobile, online or accessing within your DMS system.

But, WE don't just deliver data.  Whether you're looking to identify new donors or find ways to retain and grow existing donors, WE partners with you to help you achieve your objectives.  With hundreds of years combined expertize in data-driven fundraising we work with our customers to ensure they have the most effective data processes aligned to achieve the right fundraising strategy to meet their objectives.

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