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A Sophisticated Platform for Wealth Intelligence: Best Practices in Leveraging Data for Better Decision-Making

The discipline of wealth intelligence combines the use of wealth, lifestyle and biographical research data with advanced analytics and the latest in datamining techniques. Wealth intelligence is critical to developing and applying a strategy to expand your reach and grow your business among affluent and High Net Worth customers. This information can be used to set priorities, create a marketing and business development strategy, segment and prioritize prospects, and improve interactions with customers and prospects in order to build long term relationships and drive long-term value.

This paper provides a foundational perspective on the key considerations for effective wealth intelligence. We share some of the major enhancements and changes that WealthEngine has made with our platform, along with the benefits clients will realize.

Key topics include:

  • The role of wealth intelligence in developing a marketing and business development strategy
  • The benefits of applying an analytical approach to researching customers and prospects
  • WealthEngine's unique approach and cutting-edge technology in FindWealth 8
  • Best practices for applying wealth intelligence to reach your preferred audience, faster and with greater precision and success