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An Analytical Approach to Wealth Intelligence:  Applying Analytics for Effective Wealth Identification

Analytics allow you to take essential data on your customers and prospects and develop scores that empower you to systematically understand who they are, how to target them, when to reach out and what solutions to present.

This white paper provides a foundational perspective on the value of using analytics when developing an effective marketing and prospecting strategy. With deeper insight on the wealth of your customers and prospects–their net worth, total assets and liquidity–financial professionals can uncover new opportunities, drive successful marketing and business development strategies, and increase assets under management.

This report offers best practices and practical tips for applying analytics for effective wealth identification, with highlights of the wealth scores and custom predictive analytics that are available through WealthEngine. Key topics include:

  • The role of analytics in building a marketing and business development strategy
  • WealthEngine’s unique approach to developing and utilizing wealth scores
  • Best practices and practical tips for applying custom predictive analytics
  • Determining the optimal solution to meet your goals