Puppies, Kittens & Mobile: Donor Engagement with mGive & Best Friends Animal Society

Original Broadcast Date: January 15, 2014

Text donations are the fastest, easiest way to turn a by-stander into a long-term, ARDENT supporter of a nonprofit organization. Understanding the mobile donor is critical to ensuring sustained support for a nonprofit for generations to come. The key is understanding how and when to turn an everyday texter into an everyday philanthropist. mGive is the leader in working with nonprofits to integrate mobile as a pathway to engaging supporters and then maintaining strong relationships that will lead to larger donations, “stickier” advocates for your cause. mGive invented the channel for text giving in the U.S. and has created thousands of mobile campaigns for large and small nonprofits—mobile campaigns for veterans issues, disasters, health, children’s and animal rights, you name it. In this webinar, hear from mGive, the mobile engagement experts, and from one of their leading clients, Best Friends Animal Society. BFAS integrated mobile as a main communication and fundraising channel over the last four years. Learn how they turned animal lovers who text into the most loyal supporters of their organization’s initiatives.

In this webinar, learn:

  • How to best engage new supporters through their never-out-of-arms-reach mobile device.
  • How to fundraise via the mobile device in a way that will create reoccurring and larger donations through other already established channels in your development toolbox.
  • How to evaluate success of the mobile channel so you know ROI.


  • Angela Whaley, Client Experience Director, mGive
  • Claudia Perrone, Marketing Specialist, No Kill LA

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