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How to Develop and Build the Ideal Caseload

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In this session you will learn how to make the most of managing your donors – whether you are a Major Donor fundraiser or a Middle Donor fundraiser.

Many fundraisers have too many – or too few – donors on their caseload. What is the optimum number of donors?

And are you managing the right donors? So often there are donors on the caseload who shouldn’t be on there – and others who should be on there, who aren’t!

In this hour you will learn:

•    How many donors should I be looking after?
•    How do I know if I am managing the right donors?
•    How can I best manage my time across the caseload?

In addition, you will learn the importance of cross-working with your colleagues to ensure that donors do not ‘fall through the net’. You will see case study examples of why silo working can damage donor relationships and organisational income.

Using a combination of analytics, wealth screening and personal interaction, you will learn how to build the ideal caseload; how to manage it; and what it will look like.


Stephen Butler, UK Director of The Veritus Group

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