Back to Basics:  Specific Steps for Confirming Capacity

Original Broadcast Date: October 2, 2014

After analytics and electronic screening has done its job, you still may have hundreds if not thousands of great potential donors in your database.  How do we focus our limited time with those who have the best capacity and likelihood to give?
Learn (re-learn) fast, effective, low-cost (sometimes free) ways to determine β€œis this person a potential donor for X?” – whether X is a leadership annual fund gift, a major gift, planned gift, or perhaps a gift to a special project (new library, exhibit, hospital wing, traveling show, etc.).
Explore different ways of formulating your search so that you both save time AND get the information you need.  Review different data sources and understand the pros and cons of each.  Develop strategies for qualification for every size and type nonprofit – from the one-person development shop to the 15+-research staff team.


  • Debra Johnson Darling, Director of Prospect Development, Washington and Lee University

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