Playing Nice: How Gift Officers & Research Shops Can Maximize Effectiveness

Original Broadcast Date:
Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dynamic synergy is really what should occur between gift officers, researchers and prospect managers.  So often it’s the opposite.  Can the research team and the development team learn to play in the same sandbox – without tossing sand at each other?  Yes, if you understand the vastly different personalities at play, as well as the close relationship between the science of data and the art of relationship-based fundraising.  This webinar will use a combination of humor, as well as “in-the-trenches” stories about why working together is important – especially in the context of a major giving campaign.

We encourage gift officers and research teams to attend this webinar together.


  • Linda Garrison, CFRE, Senior Consultant, WealthEngine Nonprofit Professional Services
  • Mike Olson, Prospect Research Manager, Michigan Technological University

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