Data-Driven Major Gift & Capital Campaigns for the UK

Original Broadcast Date: 6 May 2014

A successful major gift or capital campaign can be transformational for a university, hospital or other non-profit organisation.  New facilities, more scholarships, new donors – all impact an organisation’s ability to deliver its services more successfully.  Transformational campaigns require transformational gifts – gifts that make a remarkable impact. The trend towards the dominance of major gifts continues to grow and more importance is being placed upon identifying regular donors who can be “moved up” to become major donors. A data-driven approach to major gift fundraising and campaigns sets the organisational bar correctly and will assure that any campaign undertaken will have the best possible chance for success.

Getting Ready – Preparing for a Successful Campaign
-How to conduct an internal fundraising audit
-Making sure your board is “on board”
-How to conduct a data-driven feasibility study

Launch – Addressing the Intricacies of a Successful “Silent Phase”
-Creating a campaign committee
-How to Leverage networking tools

All In! – How to execute a successful public phase
-Maintaining campaign momentum
-Re-energising a stalled campaign
-Steps to ensure a successful campaign wrap-up


  • Linda Garrison, CFRE, Senior Client Consultant, WealthEngine 
  • David Wing, Director of Development, James Allen Girls' School

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