The Age of Consent: Fundraising, Prospecting and the EU General Data Protection Regulations

Origional Broadcast Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016

After a year of unprecedented public scrutiny over fundraising practice, non-profits must review how they use personal data for fundraising purposes.

The recent publications by the NCVO working group (on donor consent) and the ICO (their revised Privacy Notices Code of Practice) both highlight the need for non-profits to (i) better understand and articulate the legal basis on which they use personal information (ii) review the methods they use to collect consent and engage current and potential donors, and (iii) improve how transparent they are about their use of data.

With contradictory and confusing messages coming from different constituencies within the Fundraising and Data Protection authorities, non-profit organisations are looking for clarity to ensure they are aware of the proposed changes and can plan for the future – to ensure they can continue to raise funds, raise awareness of their work and ultimately support their often essential work.

With years of experience delivering practical interpretation and application of data protection and privacy laws, Protecture’s MD, Gary Shipsey’s informative presentation will give attendees:
  • Clarity over the current law, recent guidance, and how they affect fundraising 
  • An outline of the likely changes that are coming
  • Practical steps to consider now to prepare for the future
Speaker: Gary Shipsey, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Protecture